In the Classroom

"Lindsey brings a ton of great energy for late evening classes. Bravo to her!" - Anonymous, Fall Semester 2015
"This time I was the only other spanish speaker on a service team of 15, other than the director so I was doing a LOT of communicating/translating for the people! My daughter was on this trip and many evenings said "wow Mom, your Spanish is impressive!"  What a compliment."
-Trinity Lutheran Seminary Level 3 student, June 2015
"Gracias! I was nervous about conversing with Ingrid but the experience was so worthwhile! Ingrid's friendly manner and good humor were delightful. And your presence was a big help (i.e., "moral/emotional support"!) 
I appreciate your teaching skill(s), Justin, and your way of making the class challenging-yet-fun! And thank you (and Jennifer and Speak Our Language) for the dinner last night. Muy delicioso!"
-Carla, December 2014
"A few months ago you connected me with Patty V. for private tutoring so that I could reach the intermediate high level on the ACTFL OPI exam. I wanted to let you know that due to working with Patty I was able to meet my goal.  Patty is a great tutor and I enjoyed working with her and thank her for all of her hard work in helping me reach my goal." 
-Elizabeth, May 2014

"I am LOVING the class and would have only great things to say!!! Lauren is AWESOME!!!"
-Julia, Beginner 1 student, May 2014 
Annie: "... I really miss not going to your class.  I'm learning lots. Thanks for all the great teaching and your understanding of my poor Spanish."
-Chet, Advanced 1 student, April 2013



Annie, "Had to share a personal win with me at one of my work appointments.  Met with new customer at her office who is from Mexico. And she heard I was learning español. So I jumped right in ... and it was muy divertido! And the best part she said my accent was really good. Yay!

Thanks for all you do to help me! Saludos!"

 Andrea, Beginner 4 student, April 2013
"Lindsay, Hi, thank you again for your teaching last Tuesday.  You certainly are a gifted teacher and we appreciate you."

- James Dunham, Extended Beginner 3, February 2013


 "I want you to know how great Jennifer [Z] was as a teacher. She did a tremendous job.  She was always so patient and positive that I wanted her to be recognized"

- Andrea Bils, Beginner 1 Student, January 2013


"I am enjoying class more than I ever imagined I could!"

- Lynne, Beginner 2 Student, 2012


“One of the two reasons I started to take Spanish classes is due to a strong need I have been encountering on a weekly basis with my business.  I consistently will facilitate 3-12 events per week, and more and more frequently we have woman that come to our classes or are joining our team whose primary language is Spanish.  And during these past two weeks I have had two specific opportunities to use and apply the Spanish I have learned with these customers, one who was from Spain and another who was from Mexico.  Even with my accent being horrible, the guests understood and we were able to communicate.   You could tell by their body language that they immediately relaxed and had a great experience.  ¡Gracias!”

-Andrea Steinmetz, Mary Kay Independent Sr. Sales Director


“Cori has been an awesome instructor and was happy to hear she would be returning. If I end up staying in Ohio I would be interested in talking the class again. The class structure, instructor, and organization are a representation of the professionalism you embody for the company.”

-John Lucero, 2012


"What surprised me the most was how easily we relate most of Spanish words to English. it is therefore much easier to learn Spanish than I thought. I would like to continue learning Spanish!"

-Survey respondent, Beginner 1, 2012


"I also would like to tell you how much I enjoyed speaking to native speakers. It was great! I fully intend to continue my Spanish with hopes of becoming better grammatically."

-Natasha Wright, Beginner 2 student, 2012


"I've made different attempts to learn a few languages over the years, but this is the first time that I have come away from a class feeling confident that I have enough knowledge to hold a conversation. I am excited to have the opportunity to speak with parents this fall when school starts."

– Kim Richardson, teacher at Sedalia Elementary School


"I just like the conversations especially, but the grammar is needed to advance.  Jennifer [Z]  is an excellent teacher. I hope she continues."

-Anonymous survey respondent for Beginner 4, November 2013


"Roni fue un[a] gran maestro[a].  Espero que sea el[la] instructor[a] para Beginner II."

(Roni was a great teacher.  I hope she is the teacher for Beginner II.)

-Anonymous survey response.  Beginner 1 student, November 2013



Studying Abroad

"The experience in Cuernavaca was one that I will never forget. I so much enjoyed getting acquainted with your other students. Thanks very much for the special attention I received.”

–Jack D. 2011 traveler with Speak Our Language


"It was awesome that I could help everyone on the trip... thanks so much, everything you have taught me -made our trip loads better, and made me look cool.  Plus I was the one that got to talk to all the senoritas all the time!"  

-Dan Malin, Retail manager and traveler with Speak Our Language

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