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Communication is critical to business success, and speaking to your clients, partners, and employees in a language they understand is key to delivering quality customer service and forming long-term relationships.

Speak Our Language, LLC is a communication consultation company that helps businesses and individuals close communication gaps in English and Spanish in order to get "unstuck" when interacting in the workplace.

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Customized Spanish Language Training

Speaking with someone in their native language not only makes conversing easier for them, it builds trust and understanding and shows that you care about their needs. Utilizing translators and interpreters can only take you so far and hiring native speakers for entry level positions is not a sustainable solution. What is sustainable is a multi-prong approach that includes basic conversational skills in your clients' tongue, together with translation, interpretation, and a solid human resources recuiting effort for bilingual talent. 

Speak Our Language offers customized corporate business programs, providing your staff with the practical language training tailored to your specific business and industry. The investment is far less than hiring a trainer in house, and because we offer both on-site and online classes, you'll save both the time and travel expenses.

"The New York Times Company's partnership with SOL has been invaluable in bringing Spanish language instruction and culture to the company. [SOL] has excellent facilitators who create a fun learning environment. Employees with little to no previous instruction were able to speak Spanish by the end of the first class."

Myra Limson, HR Specialist, The New York Times Company

Taught by licensed teachers, SOL's immersion classes provide instruction in grammatically correct global languages that go beyond basic phrases and vocabulary, providing your employees with the know-how to converse in unscripted situations.

Because we believe successful communication means understanding the culture as well as the language, our programs involve conversation groups with native speakers and field trips to local restaurants and businesses where students will be able to practice their language in authentic situations.

Unlike learning a language from a CD or computer program, SOL classes provide your staff with real-life conversational experiences that will better equip them for utilizing their language in the real world. Your employees will be capable of carrying on real-life business conversations (up to 30 minutes!) after only 14 hours of training.

Looking for more information about our corporate language training programs? Read our frequently asked questions or contact us to discuss how we can empower your employees through language!

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