Speak Our Language is an Ohio-based language training company (that is the parent company of Promoting University, LLC as of 2013) providing unique educational opportunities for business units, teams, and individual adult learners. Because we believe that learning should be enjoyable, our energetic and interactive classes engage you with fun activities that help you quickly develop unscripted conversational skills in real life situations.

All instructors are licensed teachers or university trained language teachers, who guide you to speak grammatically correct language that is usable on the global stage. Through our complete immersion methodology, you will utilize your new language skills from day one.  Yes- that means in the very first minute of the very first class! This is how we get the amazing results we do- because you are immersed in the language.  Imagine holding a conversation with a native-speaker for 10-30 minutes after just 7 lessons because your ears and your mouth are trained to produce the language.  Yes, it's possible!  

Speak Our Language was founded in 2003 by Tonya Tiggett, a licensed Spanish teacher with over 20 years classroom experience in secondary education, higher education and coprorate environments,  having taught thousands of busy professionals the fine art of business communications.  

As a learning leader, Tonya saw the need for curriculum-based language training that was fun, affordable, and effective as well as communication and leadership learning that enabled particpants to walk out of the classroom and immediately apply what they had just learned to a real world interaction.

Starting with only one Spanish class in a rented church space, SOL's individual and corporate language offerings have expanded years later to several different program offerings throughout the Columbus community, including Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Bexley.  We hope to see you in one of our classes muy pronto

To find out more about our teachers or our classes, please click on the links below.   You are welcome to observe a class too - just contact us to find out how.  Call 614-245-8482.

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