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The Six Ways Peer Practice Benefits Your Language Development

How Does Peer Partnering in Spanish Class Assist the Learning Process?

The question on partnering came to me via a survey response posed by a Beginner 1 student. It wasn't necessarily a skeptical question, but just one in general. This question made me realize that it would be helpful to our participants to know some of the detail of language methodology and the "why" or "how" behind the activities we do in class apart from our immersion approach when delivering lessons.

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Four Reasons Why Poorly Written Signs in Spanish Just "Ain't Write!"

by Tonya Tiggett, Owner of Speak Our Language, LLC

In our January monthly eNews I posted a terribly written, grammatically incorrect Spanish sign that I saw posted on the back of a bathroom door at a very large, profitable restaurant chain in the Midwest.   I couldn't resist taking a picture of it and posing a challenge to you, our eNews subscribers and clients, to ask if you could find what was wrong with the sign.  (See the end of this article for answers).


5 Reasons Why Study Abroad & Language Learning Are Like Kindergarten

Do you remember your first day of school ever? Nervous energy, anticipation of the unknown, excitement at the thought of starting school on Monday, coupled with that dread of heading into unchartered territory without your parents or siblings there to comfort you.

What will it be like? Will anyone like me? Will I like my teachers? What will we do for fun? How do I get to the school? What if I get lost? Do I have to take the bus to school? Will I have homework (sadly a question now facing many kindergartners)?

These are some of the flurry of questions posed to me prior to embarking on our Speak Our Language Third Annual Study Abroad Trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico on June 9, 2012.  These were not questions thrown out by five and six year olds going to kindergarten, but by my adult language students with far more international travel experience than the average person.

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